Measure 99 dedicates $22 million in lottery funds annually to provide outdoor school to every middle school student in Oregon.

Everyone should go to Outdoor School. We spend all our time on our phones or our iPads at home, and at school. Don’t adults know we need a break from technology! Anyway, if you expect us to fix the environment when we are the adults, don’t you think we should spend some time in nature?
— Evelyn Jerde, 7th grade Cedar Park Middle School, Beaverton Oregon

It’s time to say Yes: We want strong education for our children. We want a healthy economy. We believe supporting our state’s incredible natural resources and industries. Most importantly, we believe it’s essential to foster a love, respect and understanding of this amazing place we call Oregon. 

Once and for all, and for the many benefits it offers our kids, our state and our future, let’s Save Outdoor School for All. Please pledge to Vote Yes on Measure 99.