Audubon Society of Portland reaches over 12,000 youth each year. Our environmental education programs create tomorrow’s advocates by inspiring students to explore and connect with the natural world. In addition to winter, spring and summer camps, in-school programs, field trips, overnight adventures and more, Portland Audubon offers a unique, in-depth Outdoor School experience. We take environmental education to the next level by giving students the chance to learn wilderness awareness and natural history while exploring our wildlife refuge. We aim to inspire each child to continue their exploration of the natural world long after our programs has ended. For more information click here.

Environmental Education Association of Oregon (EEAO) supports those who are working to cultivate environmental literacy by: helping to strengthen EE networks across the state, supporting leadership development, advocating for EE in Oregon, sharing resources and information, and providing a state-wide conference. Learn more and contact EEAO at

Friends of Outdoor School works to preserve and support Outdoor School (ODS) for Oregon students by raising funds, gathering volunteers, and building community partnerships. Click here for more information. Friends of Outdoor School:

  • Provides support to OSU Extension to successfully implement SB439 and M99.

  • Advocates for Outdoor School programs to the Legislature and helps others advocate for their ODS programs locally.

  • Raises funds to fill the inevitable gaps that state funding doesn’t cover.

  • Creates exciting opportunities for ODS alumni, business partners and youth to engage with the program in a meaningful way.

The Gray Family Foundation is proud of our long history of supporting Outdoor School (ODS) in Oregon and is committed to the statewide success of Oregon’s ODS program. We seek to promote the inclusion of outdoor education in K-12 environments and increase outdoor learning experiences for youth and support opportunities for Oregon’s youth to have positive learning experiences that lead to more active youth stewardship of our natural and built environments. Contact us at or 503-552-3500.

The Nature Conservancy in Oregon helps people explore, learn about and connect with nature through a broad range of volunteer opportunities, free guided hikes and lectures.  Click here for more information.