Wanted: Volunteers to Help Save Outdoor School

“It is a crisis that has snuck up on us. Few parents are aware of the cuts, or of how Outdoor School makes our lives better by weaving a web of connections between our community and nature. Without Outdoor School, the Pacific Northwest may well lose what is most valued about our community. We may lose what makes us us.” – Trackers Earth

For the sake of our kids, and Oregon’s future, we have an awesome opportunity to Save Outdoor School and leave a lasting legacy for the next generation. But first, we need to get it on this year’s November ballot. And that’s where you come in. 

The Outdoor School for All campaign is in urgent need of volunteers from all over the state to gather a total of 120,000 signatures to get the measure on the ballot. And with overwhelming love and support that most Oregonians have for Outdoor School, it’s a pretty simple ask. 

So if you have a social network, regularly attend events in your community or, if you have organizations, clubs, affiliations, colleagues, friends, family or neighbors you know who would love to support a great cause, then you are our perfect volunteer!  Whether you gather 20 or 2,000 signatures (heck, you could even challenge your closest friends to do the same & see who reach their goal first)–every single name you gather counts and your involvement makes a huge difference on whether we can keep this amazing Oregon tradition alive.

We’re looking for signature gathers for some fun events, including the upcoming Rose Festival Parade, the Starlight Parade and the Kids Parade all happening this June. But we need help in all of our Oregon communities; no matter where you live and it’s easy to get involved. Learn more here and sign up today: http://bit.ly/23pUzO9. Thank you for getting involved to help Save Outdoor School in Oregon!