by Nick Hardigg, Executive Director
Audubon Society of Portland
(republished from Audubon Society of Portland)

 Since 1902, we’ve been striving to inspire all people to love and protect nature. The key to successful protection of nature tomorrow is the connection of our youth today with the great outdoors. That’s why Portland Audubon is embarking on a historic journey: taking a leadership role in the movement to save Outdoor School for all kids in Oregon.

The Outdoor School for All campaign will dedicate funds from the Oregon Lottery to provide a week of outdoor education for every fifth or sixth grader in Oregon. Currently, only those districts that can afford Outdoor School are able to attend. At Portland Audubon, we want every child in Oregon to have access to the outdoors—not just those with financial means. You can find out more about Portland Audubon’s support of the campaign here.

We recently issued a $10,000 challenge match for gifts to the Outdoor School for All campaign. We have contributed to and endorsed the campaign because we recognize that investing in our children now will pay dividends in fostering a generation of innovative, community-minded, and thoughtful youth committed to the protection of our natural resources.

With our help and yours too, the campaign to Save Outdoor School for All Oregon kids will generate the 125,000 signatures needed by the July deadline to get on the November ballot and win outdoor school for all kids in perpetuity.

Portland Audubon stands with the campaign. We are counting on you to join our movement to help save outdoor school.

Protecting the most important wild places in Oregon is in our DNA. To continue our legacy, we must raise future generations to value and respect the land. The best way to do this is to give our kids hands-on, outdoor education. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavor to make history. Add your name to the campaign today by following the link and signing up. (Your address will be kept confidential—and never shared.)

Join us! And thank you.