Outdoor School is Good for Kids, Mind, Body & Soul

Recent research studies indicate there is a direct connection between health and the outdoors for children.

“Sedentary indoor activities, including increased screen time, are competing for children’s attention and they are losing their connection to the outdoors,” said Philip Wu, MD, Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region. “Being active and engaging with nature are important for a healthy lifestyle, but we first have to inspire, teach and motivate them to explore the natural world. That’s why health professionals are big proponents of ensuring Outdoor School is available to all children statewide.”

From creative problem solving and improving symptoms related to ADHD to fostering good mental and physical health, connecting children early on to the outdoors and encouraging them to be active is shown to have positive impacts. That correlation is why a number of local health care organizations in Oregon like Kaiser Permanente, Oregon Public Health Institute (OPHI), Care Oregon and Upstream Public Health, have stepped up to endorse the Outdoor School for All campaign, an effort to gather enough signatures to get a measure on the Nov. 2016 ballot to provide consistent funding support for outdoor education programs statewide.

Please act now and ensure Outdoor School and its many benefits are accessible to all Oregon students. Sign the #SaveOutdoorSchool petition, volunteer or donate today: www.OutdoorSchoolForAll.org

Image by Gavin Mahaley