Take the Earth Day Pledge to #SaveOutdoorSchool

In Oregon, Earth Day is every day. From its natural beauty to abundant resources that help sustain local economies, Oregonians have a direct, strong connection to this special part of the world.

But for the rest of the world, Earth Day falls on April 22 this year. That makes it a perfect time to take the pledge to support Outdoor School in Oregon. This a beloved outdoor education program has been cut drastically due to lack of statewide funding, and campaign organizers are seeking to put a measure in front of Oregon voters to ensure consistent funding for Outdoor School. The time to act is now. After all, ensuring that the next generation has a strong connection and learns to love the outdoors is one of the best ways to show your Earth Day support.

It’s easy to take the Earth Day pledge to help Save Outdoor School. Here are four easy ways you can get involved:

  • Sign the petition: Every name counts! Take a few minutes and sign the online petition today http://bit.ly/1UucQmw
  • Volunteer: Want to do more? Have a big social network? Then volunteer to be one of our amazing signature gatherers in your community http://bit.ly/23pUzO9
  • Donate: We must raise funds in order to get the measure on the ballot. Your donation large or small really does make a difference. Pledge your support here http://bit.ly/1RPUifV
  • Spread the word: Post or retweet this out to all of your friends: This Earth Day, make a pledge to #SaveOutdoorSchool in Oregon. I did. You can too: www.OutdoorSchoolForAll.org

Thank you for celebrating Earth Day 2016 by helping Save Outdoor School in Oregon!