Outdoor School: Vital to Oregon’s Outdoor Economy

Oregon has built an incredibly valuable brand as an outdoor Mecca. The state has attracted leading sportswear, footwear and outdoor gear companies, all who contribute millions to the state's economy. And that's not to mention the tourism dollars generated by those who come to Oregon seeking outdoor adventure and discovery and all the businesses that have been sustained and supported as a result.  

If we are going to train and recruit the next generation of leaders and workers, and continue to grow this industry locally, a solid foundation in outdoor and natural resource education is vital. The outdoor industry in Oregon is an opportunity ripe for tomorrow's innovators and entrepreneurs, but not if they aren't inspired to pursue it. That’s why not just local, but national leaders such as the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), are behind the effort to Save Outdoor School in Oregon. 

Outdoor School has a direct correlation to helping ensure the economic impact and development of Oregon's outdoor industry continues to thrive. And that's an investment worth making. Join the #SaveOutdoorSchool cause by signing the petition, volunteering or donating today: www.OutdoorSchoolForAll.org