"If Ever The World Needed Outdoor School, It Is Now"

There's increasing evidence that making sure kids have a strong connection to the natural world is much more than just a nice idea; it can change lives. Research from Portland State University now correlates Outdoor School participation with improved attendance rates. Check out this great guest article on the topic from the Portland Tribune http://bit.ly/1RNiHyf

An editorial from the Bend Source also reinforces the value, as well as the challenges, many places face when it comes to providing a strong outdoor education program: "Today, outdoor school continues to provide firsthand earth science lessons about plants, water, fire, and zero waste, in addition to the very memorable camp experience. However, in Central Oregon and elsewhere, the traditional week has been reduced to three days and two nights in recent years." Read more http://bit.ly/22RQt11

The benefits of Outdoor School are many.  In Oregon, the time is now to save it. You can help. Please learn how you can get involved and sign the online petition today http://bit.ly/1UucQmw