The Nature Conservancy launches new ads in support of #YesOn99

Unplugging kids from technology for a week of hands-on, science-based learning in an outdoor environment is what #YesOn99 and the effort to Save Outdoor School is all about.

Four new ads unveiled by The Nature Conservancy highlight these benefits with messages such as “Unlimited Streaming,” showing kids studying aquatic life in Oregon’s waterways, and “No Roaming Limits,” picturing students traipsing through Oregon’s forests. Other campaign ads - “Wireless Networking” and “Shared Data Plan" - highlight the social benefits that spending a full week at Outdoor School offers middle schoolers, lessons they simply can’t get from inside a classroom. 

“With studies indicating that kids now spend an average of seven hours a day in front of screens, we need programs like Outdoor School more than ever. Helping kids better understand, learn to appreciate and discover the joys of Oregon’s outdoor way of life fosters our next generation of stewards and leaders,” said Jim Desmond, state director for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon. “That’s why we support and are encouraging all Oregon voters to vote Yes on 99.”

The ads will be shown statewide via a variety of digital platforms, starting this week through the end of the election cycle. A special thanks to The Nature Conservancy in Oregon and to NORTH, a Portland agency that created all of the ads probono in support of #YesOn99.