“Outdoor School is a very powerful yet fun way to learn. It is something no child should miss. Outdoor School is an amazing way to show students what their world is made of. It isn’t just some camp that you sit in all day while the teacher talks about some trees and dirt. You interact with everything. It is the most amazing experience ever. You go down to the creek and do samples of the water, get lost in the woods and find your way out, you even build a shelter out of your surrounds. The way technology is improving, the beauty of the outdoors will be ignored. This camp shows them the fun and excitement mother nature has to offer. They interact with every student and gain friendships that will last a lifetime. The kids who didn’t get to go were sad. They couldn’t come up with the money and missed the best thing ever. The students came back talking about their experience where [sic] just full of energy and joy. I know I did. I didn’t talk about anything else for at least a month. I still laugh about everything that happened there now. I want my children to go there and see what the world is like, away from technology, away from the cities. It is something that you will never forget. No one should miss this. Getting the money every year for every student to go will be an amazing thing. You are letting a child who has no money, take the best trip he/she has ever had. You are letting that student who has no confidence in himself/herself, come back to camp with friends and good stories. Outdoor School makes everyone feel welcomed and loved. So please take a lot of thought and pass the bill. You will changes every child’s life.”


Rebecca Reed, 8th Grader
Crook County Middle School