24 Hours with no Electronics?!

Have you ever gone longer than 24 hours without using any electronic device and had fun? Outdoor School is an environmental learning experience that many 6th graders have and enjoy. I strongly believe that ODS is a valuable and memorable experience that every 6th grader should have.

One reason for continuing ODS is the experience of hands-on learning about the outdoors. At ODS there are four field studies: soil, animal, plant and water. At the soil field study you learn why soil is so important. At the plant field study you go on a hike to four different habitats and try to find out which one has the most plant diversity. The animal field study you go on a really long hike looking for animals and you also learn about animals along the way. You also get to look at skulls and animal pelts. At the water field study you go down to the river and look for indecator species and do other tests to try and find out if the water shed is healthy or not. The field studies all go together to help our environment.

Another reason to continue funding for ODS is the fun you have with new people. When you get to ODS, you get to know all the student leaders and adults leaders ODS names. Later on you get to play games, tell jokes, and sing songs with the student leaders and cabin partners at cabin time or when you go on a long walk to the dining haul or field study. Throughout the day at every meal you get to talk to your friends and student leaders. At the end of the day you go to campfire and sing songs and watch skits with everyone.

Finally you should continue ODS so every 6th graders can experience the fun new experience. One new experience is sharing a cabin with 10 or 11 other people. Another fun experience is staying away from all electronics for longer than 24 hours and still having fun. You also have a fun experience with new people and have an all around amazing time.

ODS is an environmental fun learning experience that almost every 6th grader that goes enjoys. At ODS you can go longer than 24 hours with out any electronics and have a lot of fun. I strongly believe that ODS is a valuable and memorable experience that every 6th graders Should have.

Taylor Mae Willman