Benno Lyon

My name is Benno Lyon, and I volunteer with Outdoor School for All because Outdoor School changed my life in profound ways as a 6th grader and a high school Student Leader. The hands on, outdoor learning provides kids with an amazing natural science education that meets so many goals of a rigorous science education, and also to appreciate and care for the great state of Oregon’s natural wonders. Outdoor School builds inclusive community that models positive leadership, embraces a multicultural experience, allows kids to build independence by being away from home, while learning about interdependence as they build a community with peers. Outdoor School energizes the body, excites the mind, and fills the heart. I believe in this program passionately, and it should not just be school districts with more funds, or independent schools, that get to experience it. Working together, we have a chance to provide Outdoor School For All kids in Oregon!
— Benno Lyon

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