"I recently attended Outdoor School as a sixth grader from Echo School. We all wrote about this amazing experience. We want all kids to have this opportunity. Here is a bit of my essay:

Outdoor School lets you learn and do more than regular classes. Rather than doing reading or learning math, we were able to dissect Steelhead and learn about animal Damage. There was also Tree I.D, Map and Compass, Aquatic Insects, Animal I.D., Soils, Stream Ecology, Ground and Water Aquifers, Fire Suppression, Geocaching, Survival, Shelter Building and Geology. My favorites were Steelhead and Animal Damage. I liked Steelhead because we pretty much learned how to gut a fish. In this class we also learned the different parts of a fish, inside and out. We took out its eye and dissected that, and we also cut out other parts like the intestines and gall bladder. Did you know that some fish have teeth on their tongue? Or that Steelhead change their color to silver in the ocean? I'll bet you didn't know that female Steelheads' heads are more rounded than males either. And guess what? I learned all that at ODS.

Thank you for reading my letter. Please help fund Outdoor School for all students, so every school can have the opportunity to learn in the great outdoors."

                                                                             - Zoe Russell (Pendleton)