Sitting around a group campfire swapping stories is a special Outdoor School memory for many. And here, that spirit lives on. Whether you are a student, teacher, counselor, parent, or past Outdoor School graduate, we invite you to add to the collection and share your favorite memory, lesson learned or something special about your own Outdoor School experience right here. No kindling required.

By voting Yes on Measure 99, Oregonians have the opportunity to Save Outdoor School for All fifth or sixth graders statewide, protect a 50-year Oregon tradition and create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

It’s time to say Yes: We want strong education for our children. We want a healthy economy. We believe supporting our state’s incredible natural resources and industries. Most importantly, we believe it’s essential to foster a love, respect and understanding of this amazing place we call Oregon. 

Once and for all, and for the many benefits it offers our kids, our state and our future, let’s Save Outdoor School for All. Please pledge to Vote Yes on Measure 99.