It’s a decisive victory for Oregon’s Measure 99 as voters said YES not only to continuing Oregon’s 60-year legacy of providing outdoor education to middle school students, but expanding it for the benefit of all children statewide. 

Advocates for Measure 99 said the decision to Save Outdoor School for All is fantastic news for kids, education, local communities and the future of Oregon. 

 “We are thrilled that voters recognized the tremendous value of this amazing Oregon legacy,” said Rex Burkholder, chair of Yes on 99 campaign. “We had incredible support from a broad coalition of parents, teachers, conservation groups and businesses who realize that even in today’s digital age, nature is still one of our best classrooms.”

With this historic vote, Oregon became the first state in the nation to provide week-long Outdoor School education for all students. Educators, community organizations and businesses from all 36 of Oregon counties endorsed the measure, highlighting Outdoor School’s value not only as an essential educational program, but also as a critical means to bridge the state’s urban-rural divide. 

 “This is a major win for everyone who loves Oregon and what this state stands for,” said Carol Packard, a middle-school teacher from Sisters and member of the Oregon Science Teachers Association. “It’s truly a landmark decision for what it means to be an Oregonian.” 

Read the full Yes on 99 victory announcement here.

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Everyone should go to Outdoor School. We spend all our time on our phones or our iPads at home, and at school. Don’t adults know we need a break from technology! Anyway, if you expect us to fix the environment when we are the adults, don’t you think we should spend some time in nature?
— Evelyn Jerde, 7th grade Cedar Park Middle School, Beaverton Oregon