It’s All About That Bass: When And Why To Upgrade Your Car’s Subwoofer

When it comes to audio quality, a good subwoofer can take those heavy bass drops and make them sound as clean and powerful as possible. An outdated or poor quality subwoofer can do the exact opposite. So, it’s important to realize when and why you should upgrade your current subwoofer with something that’s a little bit better. There’s no worse feeling for someone who loves high-quality audio than the feeling that accompanies a long highway trip with an unsavory audio system. 

How do you know when it’s the right time to upgrade, though? Why should you upgrade beyond your current subwoofer? That’s what we’re going to cover within the next few paragraphs. 

When Should You Upgrade?

For the most part, knowing when to upgrade usually comes down to how you feel about your current subwoofer. After all, why wouldn’t you upgrade if you simply didn’t like the system anymore? Out of all of the reasons that are about to be listed, upgrading when you’re no longer happy with your set up is the most important. You don’t need a legitimate reason that’s backed by math and painstaking analysis to get something better than what you already have. 

However, if you want to be given a reason to upgrade, that’s perfectly fine, too. The first thing to look at when deciding if it’s time to upgrade is whether or not your current subwoofer is still performing properly. If the audio you’re playing is coming out grainy and the speaker sounds as if it’s playing a vinyl record, it’s time to upgrade your subwoofer. As with all electronics, subwoofers are prone to damage as they age and they do need to be replaced eventually. 

It’s also time to upgrade your system if you find something that’s better and you have the spare cash to buy it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an audiophile and you want the best sound available. New options are constantly being released in today’s market and there’s no reason to hold your experience back with a sub-par subwoofer if you can afford one that’s much better. If you’re flushed with cash and you’ve found the next best 8 inch car subwoofer available, it’s time to pick it up and enhance your audio experience. 

Why Should You Upgrade?

In short, you should upgrade your system to give you the best experience possible. As new technology comes out, or new brands decide to show off their skills, new options become available that provide vastly superior experiences. 

There are a few reasons to upgrade that are bit more specific, though. The first thing that a subwoofer needs to do is satisfy your listening preferences. So, you need to know whether or not you like to listen to your music very loudly, moderately, or on the quiet side of the spectrum. Different subwoofers perform differently at different volume ranges. If your subwoofer doesn’t give you the best experience possible at the volume that you enjoy, it’s best to upgrade and really enjoy your experience. 

Another good reason to upgrade has to do with the quality of the audio that a subwoofer produces. Nobody wants to listen to poor-quality sound. If you’re an audiophile and you really know what you’re listening to, poor sound quality can be one of the most annoying things in the world. With so many new options coming to market every year, there’s always a chance to hear better sound. Even if you’re not the most knowledgeable audiophile, there’s a night and day difference between a well-made subwoofer and some factory included piece of garbage. If the sound that your subwoofer produces isn’t the best quality, do your ears a favor and upgrade. 

In Conclusion

In short, upgrading your subwoofer comes down to what you like and whether or not your current setup is any good. If you want to upgrade, it’s always a good time and you really don’t have to have a reason. However, if you’re system is struggling to provide you with a quality experience, it really is time to upgrade; Regardless of whether or not you were considering it anyways.