Electric dog fences are becoming all the rage these days, especially as the systems that drive them are becoming more robust and they are becoming easier to install and use on a daily basis. Have you thought about putting one in your yard?

If not, then it’s time to make some moves. Electric dog fences are here to stay, and they have the potential to tremendously improve your dog’s lifestyle – and yours, to boot. Your dog will have the freedom to run around your yard untethered by a leash, and you won’t have to spend time worrying about whether or not they’ll run off into the neighbor’s yard. So, what are you waiting for, exactly?

What Kind Should You Get?

There are two main types of electric dog fences that you can find these days. The traditional electric dog fence is arguably the more robust system, and it involves installing a boundary wire in the ground to set the limits of where your dog can and cannot go. While they offer you a lot of customization and reliability, they are undeniably labor-intensive when it comes to installation. Some manufacturers argue that the wire doesn’t technically need to be buried, but let’s be honest – not only does that make it susceptible to breaking, it also just looks unsightly.

The alternative design is the wireless functionality that has been gaining in popularity. The main upside of these products is that they are very easy to set up compared to their counterparts. The downside, however, is that you can’t customize the boundary. You’re stuck with a circular boundary centered on the base station. What’s more, they are subject to interferences that could potentially lead to a failure in the fence and – you guessed it – if your dog finds the “hole” they can certainly escape.

You’ll have to weigh the two concepts and see what makes the most sense for you, but if you have it in you the in-ground system is probably the best bet – the folks over at This Electric Home have gone into the reasons why in more detail.

Why Your Dog Will Love You For It

You do know that dogs were wild animals before we, as humans, domesticated them, right? (Heck, we were wild before we domesticated ourselves!). Well, guess what? That means that they are hard-wired to run around most of the day, not to mope around in the house while we go about our sedentary lifestyles.

Instead of laying on the floor, looking up at us with despair as we munch Fritos and watch the football game, with an electric dog fence our dogs can go and run about the yard as they please. They can truly be free to act as they want, and as their nature encourages them to be. We really shouldn’t be the reason our dogs are held back from the great outdoors, and with an electric dog fence we don’t have to be.

So, if you don’t already have a fenced-in yard and you’re not the kind of person to wake up early to get a good, brisk jog in with your pooch before you head off to work for the day, then there’s more than enough reason for you to install an electric dog fence in your yard. Your dog will thank you for it. Your friends will thank you for it. Give it some time, and you may just be thanking yourself for it.

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